Show Me

by Ammolite Sound

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This track is for the upcoming album and last sneak peak to HELP. It about the relationship I have with god and how go back and forth on weather if he is here or not (mainly starts in the third verse). Hope you injoy


God in heaven can you hear me?

I need you right now

I need a sign to show that you're listening right now

There's this doubt inside me

I can't get it out

No matter how much I search

I can't scope it out

It's not about the present

I'm not worried about your gift

It's about my future and it's coming in a swift

Time is running short

I need an answer in your court

It's not about the collage with my talent

It's after I graduate!

How can I continue this?

Where's my follow up to this?

No one gonna remember a low class

Person without a single hit

Maybe I'm not shining bright enough

Not the gem I was suppose to be

Maybe the light was not made for me

Nor plan to see

Nor the sound was meant to be

Guess the story telling isn't working

I need a new gimmick

But I don't want to be that person that's trying to mimic

Someone else's future

But maybe that's all they'll see

Another white rapper who can spit fire

A trick that's no longer required

God if you can see all

Than show me what I'm wishing

If people say that you're perfect

Then show me what I'm missing

I'm not like the rappers

So I tried to fit in with them

Try to be a hardcore gangsta

But I fake it in the hymns

Use my real name as a symbol

That you should be following me

Don't matter what the race

All will be shouting I am free

That was my vision

That I would show through the music

To enhance my envision

To the critics and other musician

To have them look at my lyrics

And solve them like a rubric

And get them to say that I'm another Kubrick

Perfecting every line

Of this picture that I'm drawing

A master peace in my mind

That's slowly crawling and prying

Every doorway leading into the light

And no Johnny's not coming tonight

Though my instruments are ready to play forever tonight

So tell me god is this the path that you want me to go

I'm leading up to faith until you show me where to go

I believe in the wind even though it's not there

I guess that's the sign showing you're here

I guess I didn't see he was there

All this time

As I keep on struggling to find another rhyme

To keep the pages turning so the story can keep moving forward

By another person so it can keep moving foreword

Now that my road blocks are out of the way

I can catch up to this day

With my passion slowly coming to stay

As I keep on thinking that my old man

Was dead and gone recently

How could it be when I speak

To him constantly?

Wait that was one and done

And I don't know if he's gone

As cliche as it seems

Am I stuck in a dream

Where I am to blind to see

That he's right there in front of me

And the last thing I did was dissing him


Or is he a ghost like the man on the cross

Healing everyone like Desmond Doss

Guess were back to square one

When I thought we were said and done

This is a little loop that gonna on inside of my head

I don't know which side to pick and shoot the other dead


released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Ammolite Sound Cambridge, Ohio

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