A Puppet To The Strings

by Ammolite Sound

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This is based on the fan fiction A Puppet To Her Fame. One of my favorites
when it comes to grim dark fan fictions. Excuse the crappy singing; my "singing" voice hasn't been used in a long long time. Also the crappy production; I'm a novice (beginner) without any training.


1st Verse: My walls are closing in

My path is growing thin

Can you help me from this excessive nightmare

Of despair

I wasn't made for this more likely was born into it

Can you help out of this and fined love again

In the end

Chorus: All I want is a normal life

Away from strife

Voices in my head saying I am dead

And just a puppet to the strings

Bridge: And just a puppet to the goddamn strings

And just a puppet to the goddamn strings

2nd Verse: Rebel like a teen sneak out constantly

Get drunk just to ignore all the pain

Wanna scream for help in fortissimo

But all they hear is a yelp in piano

The DJ 's in love again and its with me

She said cry at me and drain your pain

3rd Verse: Trap within the stings

Trap within the cello

Trap within the score

Trap within the stage X2


released January 6, 2017
For the art work. THIS PICTURE IS SO GOOD IT GAVE ME GOOSE BUMPS JUST BY LOOKING AT IT! Here's a link to see it clean.



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Ammolite Sound Cambridge, Ohio

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